Captain Iriyanto Of QZ8501 A Caring Man

YOGYAKARTA – The pilot of missing Indonesia AirAsia flight QZ8501, Captain Iriyanto, is a very caring man who has never failed to help those in need, his nephew told local news media.

“He is always helping people because he is a very caring person. If there is a sick relative who needed help and even money, my uncle would be there,” the nephew, identified only as Doni, told Indonesian news portal on Sunday.

“If there are money problems in the family, he would surely help,” said Doni, who lives in Surabaya.

Doni told that Iriyanto is married with two school-going children. His wife does not have a job.

According to a media statement by AirAsia, Iriyanto had clocked 6,100 hours of flying time, while the French first officer, Remi Emmanual Plesel, had logged 2,275 hours.

Surabaya’s Surya Online reported that Mr Iriyanto was a member of Motor Besar Club (MBC), a motorcycle club.

“We had agreed to gather at Captain Irianto’s home to be with his family,” said Joko Bagus, the MBC club chief. “We ourselves have no idea what happened to the plane. But our hope is that all is well, and the plane lost its way but nothing bad happened to it.”



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