15 Arrested In China For Providing Adult Breast Feeding And Prostitution Services

Fifteen people have been arrested on prostitution charges over their alleged involvement in websites that hired mothers with newborn babies to breast feed adults.

The Ministry of Public Security co-ordinated police from Beijing and Hebei, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces in China to break up two gangs involved in the business.

More than 200 people from across the country paid for the breastfeeding and prostitution services advertised on websites.

Police in Beijing started to investigate after The Beijing News reported in June that several websites offered to provide young mothers to breast feed adults for a fee.

Charges were discussed on instant messaging apps and photographs of mothers were provided for customers to choose from.

The Beijing News report said one website had been active since September last year.

Customers had to pay 60 yuan (HK$75) a week, or up to 780 yuan a year, to become a member and have access to mothers’ details.

An undercover reporter at the newspaper arranged to be breastfed for 1,000 yuan.

The mother then told the journalist she could also offer sex for 1,500 yuan.

She was quoted by the newspaper as saying that mothers who only provided breastfeeding services would only get regular customers if they offered sex.

A 23-year-old mother said one website offered a weekly and monthly service, costing 40,000 yuan for breastfeeding each month and 50,000 with sex.

Some mothers only breastfed their babies once a day, or even stopped breastfeeding their child, so they could focus on the business, the newspaper report said.


Source: www.scmp.com

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