Frozen Yogurt Chain Llaollao To Be Investigated By Tripartite Aliance For Fair And Progressive Employment Practice

Frozen yogurt chain Llaollao has apologised to a local Punjabi woman who was reportedly turned away from a part-time position at an outlet because she could not speak Mandarin.

The Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) is also investigating the incident for possibly violating employment guidelines, reported TODAY.

Karish Kaur related the experience via her Facebook page on 7 January, explaining how she was turned away during a walk-in interview at West Mall’s outlet after telling a manager she did not speak Mandarin.

“Why is it that the onus is now on me to learn a whole new language just so I am able to attain a part-time job at an F&B outlet?” she wrote. “Are we not taking into account the fact that this is a multiracial country and that (surprise surprise) there are people who do not speak Chinese?”

Llaollao posted an apology on its Facebook page on January 13, saying it was “deeply sorry for the insensitivity shown”.

Llaollao’s country manager Edwin Ferroa also personally apologised to Karish in an email on 11 January, adding that the West Mall franchisee will stop walk-in interviews for the time being in order to give staff more adequate training “to treat potential employees better”.

After conducting its own investigations, Llaollao told TODAY that the person who turned Karish away was not an employee, but a wife of one of the franchise owners. Llaollao’s management has since warned all franchisees not to allow unauthorised people into their kitchens.



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