British FT At TTSH Talks Down To Low-Income Patients

Dear Mrs Tan,

Please refer to the attached letter from SSO. I visited the Podiatry Department of TTSH last Wednesday for an appointment fixed by their Orthopedic Department with the letter but was shocked to receive an extremely hostile attitude by the HOD Dorcas Sholanke (

The Podiatry Department called up their Medical Social Services to inquire on the validity of the SSO letter to which the MSW retorted that it is not updated in their system and they do not “recognize” SSO statement of their card’s ability to be utilized at all restructured hospitals. Hence, the MSW accordingly rejected the notion of their Podiatry colleague’s request for a “pending memo” so they can proceed with my treatment.

When that occurred, the Podiatry HOD came to speak with me in a very intimidating and elitist manner that she can only fix an appointment for me to see podiatry again in a few months time, provided I clear the issue with SSO or she will proceed to cancel all my treatment plans and close the file. She also demanded that I pay for the day’s consultation or she will terminate even that consultation and I will have to pay afresh again when I return.

Appalled at what was happening in a “public hospital”, I took out my camera and wanted to record all her threats so I can let you witness firsthand, what is truly happening on the grounds of your hospitals. She then quickly proceeded to violently snatched my phone but I was lucky enough to dodge it.

I later spoke to the duty manager of the day who assured me that her behavior will be looked into but I have not heard from TTSH to this very day. I do not know and wonder, how many more Singaporeans out there like myself were treated in such a manner in our own country’s healthcare institutions while I witnessed many foreign patients at the same institution being treated first class.

I also saw on that same day at TTSH, how a foreigner who parked illegally at the Podiatry department was able to possess negotiating powers for them to amicably and unconditionally release his clamped wheels.

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Yours faithfully,




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