Malay Primary School Student Makes Racist Rant Against Chinese

Dear Editors,

After STOMP reported incident where inconsiderate incense burning cause the fire at Geylang Bahru lift lobby, I saw this netizen Shahrul Pendekk who study in Lakeside Primary School. (Shahrul Pendekkchanged his FB profile to Shahrul Pendeq)

He make very racist comments about the Singapore Chinese community and call them bastards and pigs. Why he have to make such bad racist comments? What happen to racial harmony?

Will the authorities do anything about this case? Remember last time when stupid insensitive Chinese make racist comments about our Malay friends, they all get warning from police, the woman even get fired from job.

Will the police also talk to this boy and give him warning for his racist comments? If never teach him properly when young, when older will become worse?



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