Wakaf Property Is Currently Being Occupied By Pu Guang Temple

A wakaf property is currently used as a temple.

The wakaf of Haji Pitchay Meerah Hussain was designated to be a madrasah or Arabic school. Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS)is the administrator of the waqf.

It is now used as the Pu Guang Tang Temple.

Why is a wakaf property used as a temple? Are there no Muslim organisations that can use or rent the property?

It is supposed to be used as a madrasah.

A wakaf is a religious endowment. The person who created the wakaf hopes to gain ajr/ pahala through the use of the wakaf property. It is part of his service to Allah.

But this wakaf property is used as a temple with a shrine.

Edit: MUIS claim to have leased the property for 199 years in an asset migration exercise. The property will revert to MUIS in 2201.

According to MUIS, “The Fatwa Committee opined that it is permissible to sell the commercial or residential units on a leasehold basis. In essence the freehold property will still remain with or belong to the waqf…”

This means that the property “remain with” the wakaf. It is used as a temple.


Source: Singapore Muslims for an Independent MUIS

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