Former Navy Chief Ng Chee Peng Named As New CEO Of CPF

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) board has explained that they have appointed the former Navy Chief, Ng Chee Peng, as their new CEO.

Mr Ng will take over from the current CEO, Mr Yee Ping who has headed the CPF board since 2011.

Mr Yee will then move on to another leadership position in the Civil Service.

The new CEO, Mr Ng, was the Chief of Navy before serving as the Deputy Secretary (Special Projects) at the Ministry of Manpower.

He also worked as the director of police at MINDEF, as well as the Chief of Staff-Naval Staff and Chief of Staff-Joint Staff in the SAF.

While Mr Ng clearly has a long list of leadership positions, none of them appear to be related to managing funds which he will probably have to deal with in the CPF.

In Singapore, paper generals are constantly brought out of the military and parachuted into top civil service leadership positions even if they don’t have any relevant experience.

Do you think that a former Navy Chief will know how to manage your CPF?



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