Man Dubbed “Bishan Gay” Terrorising Boys In Bishan Estate

Students in Bishan have been complaining about a middle aged man in the area who would stalk them, and sometimes harass them.

The man has been nicknamed “Bishan Gay” by local students as he often lurks outside schools, fast food areas and cafes visually harassing young school boys.

He has been caught following students and if often seen in a green raffles institution alumni polo shirt.

Sometimes, he is seen taking photographs of the boys while pretending to casually use his handphone.

Students and parents have feedbacked about the man but nothing has been done as he has apparently not broken any laws.

Nevertheless, students feel threatened by him as he constantly stares at them.

On some occasions, the man has been seen patting young children on the head.

When he is confronted, he will deny stalking or following anyone and he says he is just taking pictures of the scenery as he likes Bishan.

Do you think something should be done to stop people like this?

Here are photos of the man taken by various students who have seen him.

Bishan Gay 1 Bishan Gay 2 Bishan Gay 3



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