Discriminatory Sheng Shiong Job Advertisement Causes Stir

Dear The Real Singapore,

I came across this job ad from Sheng Shiong: http://jobs.jobstreet.com/sg/jobs/4399626?fr=23

They are looking for a management trainee to assume the position of a buyer. In this position, it said: “You will learn the ways of sourcing, merchandising, advertising, inventory management, book-keeping and human resource…”

Why should the job applicant need to speak and write in both English and Mandarin?

It said this is to facilitate the liaising with “Mandarin speaking associates”.

Sheng Shiong Advert 1

But take a look at the requirements for this job:

Sheng Shiong Advert 2

Who are these “associates” Sheng Siong is referring to?

The position is for a buyer. If you are talking about the need to communicate with suppliers, don’t all Singapore suppliers speak English or Singlish? If it’s a foreign-owned supplier in Singapore, doesn’t the company need to hire Singaporeans too?

Unless you are telling me that you are sourcing all your supplies from China and you deal only with PRC suppliers from China, I can’t see why this position requires the candidate to be able to speak and write in Mandarin too.

Next, is Sheng Siong also referring the “associates” to colleagues working inside Sheng Siong?

I know that there are many PRCs working inside Sheng Siong. Is Sheng Siong saying that the candidate needs to know Mandarin so as to be able to communicate with the PRC staff inside Sheng Siong? If this is the reason, then I think the argument for the need of Mandarin speaking candidates is even worse! In the first place, shouldn’t Sheng Siong be recruiting “foreign talents” who can speak English? What kind of talents are Sheng Siong recruiting? Do tell us.

Unless Sheng Siong can come up with a damn good justification, this job ad is clearly discriminatory!

Sheng Siong, please don’t behave like PAP and think that Singaporeans are stupid these days, thinking that Singaporeans can believe in all kinds of crap reasons thrown at us.

We wait for your explanation on the matter.

Thank you.



Source: www.therealsingapore.com

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