Goh Meng Seng: Alternative Media Sites Must Unite To Balance MSM

According to a survey done on the comparative strength and influence of Main Stream Media (MSM) vs New Media (NM which includes blogs, TRS, TRE, TOC and other key sites), the MSM influence in terms of readership has dropped drastically and the readership of NM has shot up with the popular usage of Smart Phones which allow people to read articles from NM much easier than MSM.

The influence of NM and MSM has attained equal status. When the survey asks their interviewees where they get their information and news from, NM and MSM have equal share. This situation poses a tremendous challenge to PAP’s continue dominance of political power. Thus, it is of no surprise that the FIXING of New Media will pick up in momentum as the next General Elections is ticking nearer.

I sincerely hope that all NM like TRE, TRS and TOC will unite and defend this piece of land of Freedom for all Singaporeans. Without the balancing influence of NM, it will be almost impossible for Singapore to advance the dream of building a more democratic system. Hold on there, TRS! Hold on there, TOC!

Source: Goh Meng Seng

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