Why Are There So Many Foreign Freelance Prostitutes In Singapore?

I would like to remain anonymous on this submission. This is merely to highlight and I am not a victim of the issue/matter. I have also reported what I know about this issue to the police based on the fact that it is a criminal offence – illegal prostitution. I hope TRS will put this up to not only question why such people are imported into the country but also to warn people out there.

I came across this chat on a 22 year old Chinese National soliciting for prostitution jobs via social media chat app, WeChat, in Singapore. She offers freelance sex, with or without condom. She accepts payment via her qq account which can be paid via AXS. (Why is this even allowed on our AXS?!?)

As all of you should know by now, this is obviously illegal as legal prostitution takes place in Geylang via a registered prostitution house. Legal prostitutes are issued with the yellow pass and undergo HIV tests monthly.

This is also a threat to social well-being. What if she gets pregnant and blackmails the man since all of them are eager to get citizenship/pr over here. It is going to break up families. Most of you will be saying that too bad the man who did it chose it and should face the consequences. However, think again, why should we even allow a chance for such things to happen?

As we all should also know by now, WeChat have already caused distress among women here in Singapore but yet no actions can be taken or be taken. If we can have a censorship board that censors many parts of the movie, media that is controlled, does the media authority not have the right to shut down this app here in Singapore?

However, what I am truly perturbed by is why is the Singapore government importing such people into the country? She has only been in the country for 6 months and this implies that she is one of the newer batches granted a work pass here in Singapore. We are importing vices into our country!


TRS Contributor

Source: www.therealsingapore.com

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