PAP Engineering A Subservient Middle Class

Every stable well developed first world country will have one common characteristic, a large and strong middle class. A strong middle class is the basic building block of a mature and developed economy and society. A strong middle class provides the consumption as well as the inputs needed to drive and sustain a country’s economy.

I offer an alternative perspective to the author’s rendition of needs and wants.

Needs are defined as a necessity for survival for every living creature. It is however not unique to the middle class or any class. Healthcare, safety, law and order, housing, education.. are universal requirements.

Wants are the source of inspiration and motivation for a better quality of life for ones family. This is the basic DNA of humanity that drives its ability to create, innovate and progress a nation forward. Without wants, a state of mediocrity will exist.

What the reporter Rachel advocates is that for the Singaporean middle class to accept mediocrity, and become the subservient workforce to support the PAP elitist policy of providing for themselves, super rich and rich. Such policies like the freeze on medical student intake remaining the same since the beginning of times, the removal of the recognition of law degree programs from overseas universities, the PAP propaganda to discourage our youth from pursuing higher education, the prejudice of university scholarships against our Singaporean youth. By denying the opportunities for advancement for our youth, the PAP government is once again engineering themselves to dominate over Singaporeans and to rule forever.

Therefore as the subservient workforce forever doomed to a life of submission, the middle class should have no ambition for improving their quality of life, and therefore not harbour any desires for wants. Needs is enough for the middle class and for all Singaporeans, except the PAP and the rich.

The PAP is saying to all Singaporeans to accept the life of mediocrity and serve the rich and elites.

PAP has no credibility

Comment appeared in TRE article: ST reporter says middle-class can’t tell ‘needs’ from ‘wants’



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