Abdul Salim Harun: Be Rational And Give Credit Where Due

I had a very good laugh this morning. Why? Received a pm from someone asking whether I had switch to the other side!

I deleted him off immediately from my friend list.

Just because I’m paying my respect to the Late Mr Lee Kuan Yew means I’m switching side? Are you an idiot to think that I’m so easily being swayed and bought? For goodness sake, go get a life!

I’m paying my respect to him because I will not deny the facts that he had build up Singapore to what it is today. And definitely, I will not deny the facts that there are also his bad policies which affected us as Singaporeans as a whole.

But now, he had passed away. Let’s give him the respect that he deserved as a statesman, for all that he has done for the good and well being of our belove Singapore! Is it so hard to even do that?

For the bad policies, isn’t it good now that he’s no longer with us and each and everyone of us can now work hard to correct all those wrongs that he had made?

You know, in this time of National Mourning, let us all be rational and not emotional. Nobody is perfect. Give the credit where it is due.


Source: Abdul Salim Harun

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