Take Chance On Opposition In Upcoming GE, Kick PAP Out

Our only shot to topple PAP is on 2016 elections, if we don’t vote against PAP within 10 years time the new citizens population would be more than our population, they might even vote against PAP, kicked them out, formed their own party and presumably govern us.

People can choose to either be brave and give oppositions the chance and possibly turn a lot of the bad policies around or become a minority in our country in 10 years time and maybe have to be govern by these new citizens and see our economy being handled by them.

You all so scared the oppositions will make us suffer economically because you all think what if they aren’t good enough, in the future if the new citizens govern us will they destroy our economy?

So which would you choose oppositions or PAP and its population white paper policy which will make you a minority in your own country and possibly being govern by these new citizens in the future and them controlling our economy when they have the majority numbers and enough votes to control us, since u don’t have enough trust in our oppositions?

Your choice.


Reader Contribution: Muhd Firdaus 

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