Tan Chuan-Jin: Singapore A Nation Coming Of Age

I just returned from Parliament.

It’s 2+ am and it’s rocking…in the quiet dignified way that we do it in times like this.

Our SAF and Home Team folks are there and manning not only the set-up at Parliament, but at water points along the way and at junctions where people needed to cross roads and streets. All with a smile and professionally doing what they need to do. Salute!

Volunteers come forward to give out water, kueh, buns…some from the public, some from PA, and quite a number from our PAP branches from around the island. Thank you!

I walked from Parliament to trace the way back to the source of the queue at Hong Lim Park. Chatted with fellow Singaporeans along the way. All ages, backgrounds…and some foreign friends too. Civil, polite, some stretches of queues snaking loops with only a few strategic boxes and nary a guiding rail to be seen. Took about 2-3 hours from Hong Lim but yet people were in positive spirit. “You all giving out free murtarbak or not?!” Errr. No. Only buns leh…

And earlier at Kembangan CC, a few thousand came during the course of the day. I managed to welcome those who came in the evening. Respectful bows, tears shed, words of encouragement for us in Cabinet to stay strong and lead well, heartfelt words shared, sketches drawn. Read them… these are the words of our fellow Singaporeans.

What do you see?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see a nation at crossroads or uncertain. I see a nation united not just by shared grief, but by a grateful heart for a leader who had served and led. And who had made a difference. I don’t see a flock of spineless deluded sheep, but people who have stepped forward to share their thoughts on how they feel. And how they feel! I don’t see change…because we have been changing since day one! In fact some think we change too much! Well, we will just keep making things better for our people as best as we can, as practically as we can, and with as much heart as we can.

I think I see a nation coming of age.
I see one strong people ready for our next lap.


Source: Tan Chuan-Jin

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