Martyn See’s 10 Ways To Pay Tribute To Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy

So there are now calls to pay tribute to LKY by conducting our lives in a manner befitting his legacy. What a noble idea. Here are 10 things you should do.

1. If you’re a graduate, you are only to marry a graduate. If you’re not a graduate, do not contaminate our gene pool by courting graduates. LKY wouldn’t like it.

2. If you’re a succe$$ful man, spread your seeds to as many women as you can financially afford. This will fulfil LKY’s wish to reverse monogamy and reintroduce polygamy.

3. If you have voted in the Workers’ Party in Aljunied GRC, please repent. And repeat this repentance on a daily basis.

4. If you’re Malay, you are to decline any military posting that puts you in charge of a machine-gun unit. LKY will not be pleased if you didn’t.

5. If you ever notice that the population of the Chinese majority has fallen below the 75% mark, you are to immediately raise this issue with the government. LKY said Singapore will not work if the ratio is not maintained.

6. If you’re a young voter, please don’t think that you can change the government. The idea that the PAP can be replaced is heresy. Get that dangerous thought out of your brain now.

7. If ever you feel any resentment against a foreign talent, you are to immediately banish that thought. LKY had said the economy will go into tailspin if not for these foreigners. Offer your thanks to all FTs, without exception.

8. You are to strive hard and work your ass off every day. The spurs are to be permanently stuck on your hide. LKY was disappointed that we haven’t been working hard in recent years. Do not disappoint him again.

9. Do not begrudge the high salaries of our ministers. In fact, you should campaign for ministers to be paid even more, as Singapore cannot afford a dose of bad governance.

10. Do not take the words of the National Pledge literally. It is just a load of highfalutin’ ideals, which should not go undemolished. LKY said we are only in nation in transition.


Source: Martyn See

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