Police Investigating Alleged Case Of Physical Abuse Against Businessman

The police are investigating a complaint that its officers physically abused a 41-year-old Singaporean man during a spot check it conducted at a nightclub on Friday morning (April 3).

The allegation was first reported by sociopolitical website The Online Citizen (TOC) yesterday. It posted photos of businessman Lim Chin Huat with injuries on his face and a bandaged arm, as well as a 37-second video clip showing officers trying to get a handcuffed Mr Lim into a police car.

In response to TODAY’s queries, the police said they conducted a spot check at a public entertainment outlet located at Bras Basah Road at about 1:15am. Subsequently, a 41-year-old Singaporean man was arrested for disorderly behaviour and police investigations are ongoing.

The police spokesperson also confirmed that a report was lodged, alleging abuse by officers during the arrest. “Investigations into the veracity of the allegations are ongoing,” he added.

In a phone interview today, Mr Lim said he was drinking with a group of business partners at Yang Gui Fei nightclub in Hotel Rendezvous that day when plainclothes police officers entered the outlet and asked for their identification cards.

As the officers’ police identity tags were facing inwards, he asked for their names but could not hear their replies. Subsequently, he tried to flip an officer’s tag but was told that he was not allowed to do so.

Mr Lim said he apologised but the officers pinned him on the ground and handcuffed him, without explaining why he was arrested. He added that the officers also hit his face with their knees and stopped only when his friends told them that he was bleeding.

“It happened too fast, the whole process (took) about 5 to 10 minutes,” said Mr Lim, who runs a logistics and engineering business.

After being admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital that day, Mr Lim said an investigating officer came to take his statement at around noon on Saturday. He also said he suffered from a fractured nose, arm and had bruises near his ear, eyes and head. He was given 10 days of medical leave and will have to return to the hospital for plastic surgery on his nose.

Mr Lim denied that he was drunk, adding that eight of them had shared two towers of beer that night.

The police spokesperson said it takes “a serious view of all complaints made against officers”.

“Such complaints will be thoroughly investigated and if substantiated, the police will not hesitate to take action against any errant officer(s),” he said.

The spokesperson added that appropriate legal action will be taken against any persons who furnish false information, which is punishable with up to one year’s imprisonment and/or a fine not excedding S$5,000.


Source: www.todayonline.com

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