Hypocrisy In Dealing With Muslims Must Be Addressed

Our Mufti questions whether terrorism can solely be attributed to misinterpretation of texts. He then suggests that the reasons could be multi-faceted, and include disenchantment towards the state.

Thanks to our Mufti for saying something that has been ignored for far too long, by far too many people (‘experts’).

If i may add: the hypocrisy in dealing with Muslims must also be addressed. When a Muslim commits a terrorist act, everyone rushes to condemn – Muslim ‘spokesmen’ and leaders included – and words such as ‘lone wolf terrorist’ are used. When Muslims are the victim of such attacks – as in the case of the Chapel Hill shootings – not only do these spokesmen disappear, but the perpetrators are described as people with ‘mental issues’.

There can be no peace without justice.


Source: Walid J Abdullah

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