My Maid Is Trying To Force A Move Back Home

My maid, who is still under her contract, is trying to force a move back. If we were to send her back while under contract with the agency, we will have to pay a sum which I think is unfair considering the way she is behaving to force us to send her back.

Here are some of the things that she does. We have 2 cats, and of course we let them roam free outside the house, she has a habit of closing the door when the cats are still outside. Whether or not purposely, I don’t know, but this is happening around twice a week.

She doesn’t clean the bedroom unless told to. She ‘sleeps’ at 10pm, earliest in the house. As some of the people in this house have school or work in the morning, we don’t expect a buffet breakfast but at least a cup of tea or coffee in the morning might be good. But she sleeps at 10pm and wake up only when she wakes up naturally. My sister who share a room with her then told me that she can’t sleep at night sometimes cause she heard the maid talking on the phone around midnight.

This wasn’t the case previously, when she started out, she was a good domestic working. Making breakfast, doing chores.

Now she takes 30 minutes to go to the grocery shop, which is 1 block away. She sits down for hours ‘reading’ cooking books(using her handphone), but will cook curry 3-4 times a week. Cooking fried rice to her means mixing sambal belacan with rice(no seasoning, no egg or any other ingredients) And worst of all, she doesn’t flush after using the toilet.

Like I said, this isn’t the case when she started off. I think she is trying to force a move back since she is unhappy here, and doing as little as possible in the house is her way of doing it. Any advice on what I can do?

Sick of Curry

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