Open And Objective Analysis Of Multiple Factors Contributing To Religious Extremism Is Needed


Kudos to our Mufti for speaking up! TODAY reported:

Speaking on the second day of the East Asia Summit Symposium on Religious Rehabilitation and Social Integration, Singapore’s mufti, Dr Fatris Bakaram, questioned if acts of terror could simply be attributed to a misinterpretation of religious texts. He also asked if radicalisation could be caused by a sense of disenchantment with the state, a rejection of the secular culture or a political agenda.  “One could certainly add on to the list of questions, and I suspect the reasons are as multi-various as they are interlinked,” he added.

Yes! Yes! A VAST majority of ‘analysis’ by so-called ‘scholars’ of terrorism only want to focus on this ‘misinterpretation’. As if the fault lies in Islam and Muslims. Perhaps it would be opportune for these people to come out of the woodwork and do intellectually-honest pieces on the underlying causes of terrorism? Rather than flog the issue of ‘interpretation’ of religious texts alone? RSIS asatizahs and other myriad bunch of scholars?

Mufti is absolutely right. One could certainly add to the ‘multi-various’ reasons for the phenomenon. Probably the most important being American foreign policy in the Muslim world.

Which brings me to my next point.

As usual, the so-called ‘terrorism expert’ must open his mouth. Rohan G said: We need a point-by-point rebuttal of (ISIS’) justifications for using violence … you specifically question, show me in the Koran that this is permitted,” he said.

Typical. Flogging the same ol ‘misinterpretation’ issue. The hallmark of the intellectually bankrupt.

Let me reply to Rohan’s question with a question of my own.

What would Rohan do if he sees his own mother being blown up by a drone 10km up in the sky, with Uncle Sam acting as judge, jury and executioner? And then claiming its an unfortunate incident of mixed up intelligence and chalking it up as collateral damage?

Once again, Well done Mufti! A man of multi-faceted talent and formidable communication skills.

We expect more. A lot more.

After all, one does not applaud Ronaldo or Messi for merely making a throw-in; or a world class tenor for merely clearing his throat.


Source: Syed Danial

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