Woman In Centre Of Geylang Murder Case Dissociates Herself From Men

The woman at the center of the Geylang Lorong 8 murder case has come out to give her say: “I admit that I know both of them (the suspect and deceased), but those two men have nothing to do with me.”

Shin Min News reported yesterday that two men got into a quarrel over a woman, which resulted in one man stabbing the other in the waist, killing him and leaving him on the street where the victim bled to death.

The incident took place at about 9PM in a coffeeshop between Geylang Lorong 6 and 8. The deceased is a 48 year-old local Malay man named Rashid.

The suspect was a 55 year-old elderly Malay man who wore a red hat.

Eye witnesses overheard the two men arguing over the 40 year-old Siti, who works as a cleaner.

Siti was approached by the media for her comments. She said she knew the suspect and the victim, but they did not have a relationship with her.

“I worked at this coffeeshop last year for two months as a coffeeshop helper. I got to know them during this time as they are regulars there. They were there almost everyday.”

However, she quit her job as a helper and went to work for a backpacking hostel and did not have anymore contact with the 2 men.

Source: www.allsingaporestuff.com

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