Andrew Loh: Are Actions On AHPETC Really Not Political?

If you haven’t been following the AHPETC vs MND court case, it is like this, in a nutshell:

MND wanted to appoint an independent accountant to oversee AHPETC’s spending of S&C grants. MND laid out some terms. AHPETC agreed to all the terms, except one – that PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) not be the accountant, which is what the MND wants.

AHPETC explained that this is because PwC was also the auditor engaged by the AGO to go through AHPETC’s account during the AGO audit.

A potential for bias, AHPETC said. This is indeed a reasonable concern. AHPETC suggested having a retired judge or a senior counsel appoint the independent accountant instead.

AHPETC made all these suggestions in a letter to the MND on 29 April.

But MND refused, and preferred to take AHPETC to court.

I think you can judge for yourself if all this is not political and a waste of everyone’s time.

Andrew Loh On AHPETC MND Saga


Source: Andrew Loh

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