Ismail Kassim: Amos Yee Should Be Lauded For His Guts And Talents

Part II: Amos Yee saga

A clarification: Contrary to earlier reports, Amos prefers not to be out on bail as he considers the bail conditions too onerous. This was made clear by his bailor.

16 year old Amos Yee continues to languish behind bars with no one willing to post bail for him.

Is he a victim of his own making? An insufferable boy, who cannot refrain from violating his bail condition, by continuing to post comments online. Or is he a little rebel protesting against the way he has been treated by the police and the courts for his video rant.

I am beginning to think that he is fighting a one-little-boy battle against the overkill mentality of the authorities. Is it going to be a test of will between a teeny-weeny juvenile and an all-mighty state?

The way the multiple charges have been laid out against him and the onerous bail conditions show that the old bureaucratic mentality still prevails.

This is a bad omen. It dashes hopes of a new beginning in the post-LKY era. Change, if any, must always come from the top and filter down to the police, the judiciary, the courts and the bureaucrats.

Unless the authorities change the way they treat him or he decides to behave – like other normal, logical, law-abiding citizens, fearful of their rice bowls; neither of which seems probable at the moment, he may end up in prison for months or even years.

I am afraid we are seeing the making of another political exile. Is he going to be hounded out of our little red dot? Amos seems to be on track to share the same fate as Tan Wah Piow, Tang Liang Hong and Francis Seow.

With his attitude, he cannot survive in our strait-laced little island and the best hope for him – if he cannot control his urges – is to seek political asylum in a more conducive environment where his talents will be much appreciated.

I do hope it will not come about, for it will be a great loss for all of us. The boy has got talent and he has also got lots of guts.


Source: Ismail Kassim

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