Singaporeans Suck Up To PRCs Because PRCs Are Richer

Hi admin,

Look at this comment by a PRC woman, who scolded Singaporeans for saying that the 2 PRC bitches are wrong.

Translation “If you are so capable then kick all PRCs out of Singapore ah! You are not even able to do it! As long as PRCs have money, we can go anywhere! Even if you are jealous and hate us, you have no choice! We PRCs are rich! Not like you people, going to a store you can’t even buy a TV without paying in installments! Disgrace! PRCs have money so we are your boss! Your government must serve us! Even if you complain, it is worthless!”

I think our current government has really betrayed all of us big time now. Bringing in snakes like those 2 mad PRC women and this arrogant PRC bitch. We need a real political party that has the guts to really kick all these foreigners out of Singapore!



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