Something Fishy At Clementi MRT Toilet

On my way to and from school, I always alight and board MRT at Clementi MRT. As a result, sometimes when I want to use the toilet, I will use the Clementi MRT station toilet, which is located near the MRT control station.

But for the guys, if you’re going to use this toilet, beware! There is a lot of funny business going on there.

Once, when I was entering the toilet, I saw a young man allowing an old uncle to enter into the same cubicle together. I don’t think they noticed that I saw them because they went in quite fast and shut the door. Of course I didn’t want to stand by to find out what they did inside and quickly finished my business to get out of there.

Another time, I noticed that a middle aged man was lurking around the toilet suspiciously. I suspect he must have been peeking through the holes of one of the cubicles because when I went in, he was standing around the cubicles but quickly pretended to wash his hands. Even after I finished and came out of my cubicle, he was still washing his hands!

Sometimes I see these weird stains on the floor and I can’t help but feel a bit grossed out. Maybe I am thinking too much but this whitish-yellowish stains on the floor could be semen?

Admin, could you help me spread this story as a warning to all other people using this toilet please?


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