Do Not Support LGBT Movement In Singapore If You Do Not Understand The Global LGBT Agenda

Hi Friends,

Pink Dot is round the corner. Saw the new video, quite emotive.

Please think twice before you decide to throw in your support. All the talks about diversity, tolerance and love sounds all well and good. They are but empty rhetoric. The real issues are deeper than what you can see. It is not as simple as just letting two people doing what they want to do behind closed door.

Pink Dot is part of the global LGBT movement. Part of their agenda is to hijack the schools and influence the sexuality education. They want to tell your children that sodomy is acceptable. They want schools to teach that your child can choose which gender they want in a sexual relationship. They want your children not to limit themselves to the opposite gender when looking for a relationship. This is part of the reality of this movement.

If you do not fully understand this movement in the global context, please refrain from throwing your support to something that you are not familiar with. If this movement succeed in Singapore, all of us will have to live under the consequences of its success. Are you aware of the consequences?

The picture below is taken from a document used by pro-LGBT organisation AWARE in 2009. For two years they used it to conduct sexuality education to secondary schools. MOE issued a statement after terminating their service, “In particular, some suggested responses in the instructor guide are explicit and inappropriate, and convey messages which could promote homosexuality or suggest approval of pre-marital sex.”…/…/moes-statement-on-sexuality-ed.php…/parents-launch-petition-s……/parents-anger-over-explicit-…/…/Parents-lose-right-over-sex-ed……/alberta-parents-soon-cant-pull-kids…/…/lesbian-i-use-math-class-to-…


Michael Lee

Source: We are against Pinkdot in Singapore

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