The Gender Challenged Are Blessed With Opportunity To Prove Love For Allah SWT

“I am born like this and like that, therefore I have the right to behave in such and such manner.”

We are all born with the carnal self, so what do we do with that? Yes, we have the right, and that right is to direct that carnal self to goodness.

We all are born as God’s servant, therefore we have the responsibility to make sure that the rights that we think we posses are not wrongs to Him. All of us are tested with different feelings and inclinations, it is a challenge, but it is also an opportunity for us to prove our Love for Him. We should be free to Love Him by unshackling ourselves from the control of our carnal selves.

If we take care of our responsibilities (Waajibaat), rights will be fulfilled. If we focus only on rights (Huquq), is there guarentee that responsibilities will be fulfilled? Rights are demands while responsibilities are services. A community of service (Khidmah) is what we want. Service to God, One’ self, Fellow Human Beings & The rest of the Creations.

Let us all Return to Fitrah.



Source: Wearwhite

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