Walid J Abdullah: Crucial That Singapore Muslims Involve Themselves And Contribute In Issues Beyond The Traditional

It is important that Muslims – in Singapore and elsewhere – speak up, donate, and craft solutions to issues beyond traditional ones that we are used to be passionate about (hijab, Islam and homosexuality, Palestine etc). A good example would be the collection of funds for the Nepali victims a couple of weeks ago.

We should be more proactive in dealing with issues of poverty, homelessness, refugees, amongst others, so as to truly display the ‘mercy to all’ conduct that is befitting of our faith.

Don’t get me wrong: i’m not saying that we should not take up those traditional issues, i am saying we must go beyond that as well.

It is especially difficult to speak up/do something in issues where there is minimal gain (due to the unpopularity of the matter, like the Rohingyan refugees, as opposed to the Palestinian crisis) and plenty of costs (for example, ‘sensitive’ topicsĀ like poverty), but it has to be done. And, i believe this is one of the things that religion in general can offer to the modern world.

On that note, anyone knows of anything we could do/could think of w.r.t the Rohingyan crisis? Any idea is welcomed, from the trivial to the sustainable.


Source: Walid J. Abdullah

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