TNP Readers: Fandi Ahmad Our Choice To Light Cauldron

I support Godfrey Robert’s call to give Fandi Ahmad and son, Irfan, the honour of lighting the SEA Games cauldron.

I am an ordinary female Singaporean in my 50s who does not usually pay too much attention to sports news, but I felt compelled to write to support Fandi for this key SEA Games assignment.

Fandi is a son of Singapore and his name is immediately recognisable to all Singaporeans.

So much so that even a non-sports fan like me is aware of how much he has contributed to Singapore in football.

Like Godfrey pointed out, Fandi earned this honour by dedicating his life to his sport and, in doing so, put Singapore on the international sporting/football arena.

His time is now! Fandi! Fandi! Fandi!

– Soo Kim Bee

I totally agree that Fandi is the right man to light the cauldron. Everyone can associate with him – young and pioneer.

– Robert Chitty

I’m in support of giving Fandi Ahmad and his son Irfan the honour of lighting the cauldron on June 5.

These are the reasons:

1 Football is the No. 1 sport in Singapore.

2 He is the most recognisable sportman in Singapore.

3 He is an inspirational icon with humility and kindness.

– Rasheedy Hamid

I fully support Fandi Ahmad and his son, Irfan, to light up the SEA Games cauldron.

Fandi is the most famous sports personality in Singapore that all Singaporeans are familiar with.

He is humble, a gentleman and a family man. And not forgetting football can bring the whole nation together, so Fandi’s the right man for the job.

Hopefully, the footballers can be inspired by him and win the elusive gold medal on home soil.

– Jason Hc

I would like to thank Godfrey Robert for standing up for Fandi Ahmad.

I’ve travelled to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Australia and some parts of Europe and, 
when some people I meet in those countries find out that I’m from Singapore, they smile and ask me if my name is Fandi Ahmad!

A lot of people who know football, especially those from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, have very high regard for Fandi.

Fandi is not only popular and famous in Singapore, but he also put Singapore on the world map (when he signed for FC Groningen in Holland) long before Marina Bay Sands got famous.

– Azariamin

Fandi Ahmad is Singapore’s favourite footballing son.

He is humble and a popular figure in the local football community.

But since it’s SG50, the honour to light the SEA Games cauldron should go to someone who has won an Olympic medal before.

My choice to light the cauldron is pioneer citizen Tan Howe Liang (who won a silver medal in weightlifting at the 1960 Rome Games).

– Chiang Ging Seng



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