Filipinos Are United And Hungry For Jobs In Singapore

As the saying goes, “The hunger of a worker makes him work. His hunger drives him on.”

A post (‘PROOF THAT PAP ALLOWS FOREIGNERS TO SNATCH PMET JOBS!‘) on has revealed that Filipinos are united and hungry for jobs.

Apparently, a blog site called “Singapore OFW” was set up not too long ago this year. It has a corresponding Facebook page –

The site helps to gather job information posted by some prominent companies in Singapore in one place so that Filipinos can easily search for job vacancies in Singapore.

This is what its home page says:

Here are the top 5 reasons why Pinoys go to Singapore for work:

1. Easier to apply
With the fast pace environment we currently face, technology is a helpful tool that makes our lives easier. Nowadays, many employers post job openings through their website or any job sites. This way, job seekers can readily upload resumes while employers can screen applicants through their submitted curriculum vitae. This is a great method of pre-screening potential hires.

Once selected, employers will directly contact the applicant for scheduled interviews. Singapore also just needs a few basic employment requirements, such as transcript of records, NBI clearance, certificate of employment, NSO birth certificate, and a Philippine passport. You sure have all these, right?

2. Better job opportunities and career growth
Singapore has numerous jobs offered to expats not only focusing on the corporate world. From finance and accounting to administration and human resource management, Filipinos possess the necessary qualifications and are highly skilled. In the medical field, a growing number of nurses and caregivers are needed in the hospitals. IT professionals such as web or mobile app developers are also in demand in Singapore. The hotel and restaurant industry never ceases its expanding multinational business. Filipinos are competitive enough to work here so, when opportunity knocks, grab that chance!

3. Location is just near the Philippines
Yes, it just takes an hour or two to get to Singapore, and Filipinos find this very convenient. During holidays or days-off, some would just easily book a ticket, fly to the Philippines and get back to Singapore for the working days again. Airlines are also offering low fares, so traveling is so quick that homesickness is minimized. As an OFW in Singapore, you do not need to miss your sibling’s graduation or your mother’s birthday, just because you work abroad.

4. Place is beautiful, clean and safe
You may be working all day long but at the end of the day, you will feel relaxed because the environment is simply amazing. During your free time, you can spend time wandering in the famous Universal Studios, Gardens by the Bay and many others. After all, you still need to preserve the work-life balance.

Cleanliness is also of utmost importance in Singapore. They are strict in implementing rules regarding littering, smoking, and others. Lesser crime rates are also reported in Singapore because not only are their people disciplined, but the government is serious of implementing its laws. How wonderful to work in a safe surroundings, isn’t it?

5. Good salary, benefits and privileges
Compared to other Asian countries, Singapore is one of the many that offers a competitive salary package. What’s more catching here is the fact that same privileges are also given to foreign workers. As a starter, you need to undergo probationary period lasting 3 to 6 months, similar with the Philippines. As years go by, you may even apply for citizenship following their requirements and regulations. Great opportunity, right?

On its Facebook page, goes through all the job postings in May 2015 made by prominent Singapore companies and organises them:

Clicking on a link on the website enables pinoy job seekers to see a list of jobs offered by that company. For example, clicking on the Singtel link enables one to see the following:

Singtel is hiring this month! Here are the job vacancies below:

Job Title: IT Project Associate – 12 months – Consumer Sales
Consumer Singapore | Contract | Singapore

Job Title: Manager, Regulatory
Group Corporate Functions | Permanent | Singapore

Job Title: Finance Manager
Group Corporate Functions | Permanent | Singapore

Clicking the “APPLY HERE” link takes the job seeker directly to the company’s job page.

In the comment section of com’s Facebook page, one can literally see hundreds of follow-up comments with multiple tags, informing friends and relatives of the availability of jobs:

It can be seen that Filipinos are truly united, trying to help each other to get a high-paying job in Singapore for a better life.

The Singaporean who alerted everyone about “Singapore OFW” on asked, “When PAP say foreigners are here to create jobs for us or they are here to do the jobs Singaporeans don’t want to do, are you sure that’s the truth?”

One can’t exactly blame the Filipinos for trying to land a good job in Singapore so as to secure a better life for themselves and their families.

Whether Filipinos getting jobs in Singapore can help create more jobs for Singaporeans is a question that Singaporeans have a right to ask the Singapore government.

Assuming all the jobs in the links above go to Filipinos, do you think it will somehow benefit Singapore by creating more jobs for Singaporeans in turn?

What do you think?



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