Regrettably I Don’t Give A Damn What Happened Across The Bridge With Lions XII

Well, to be honest here. It took a while before I settled down to drop a line here to share what are my thoughts that took place in the scene for the past few days.

Nope, I did not tune to the channel to watch that match that day when most of those I met were talking about either online or during those breaks at work. Frankly speaking, I can’t be bother either (although appreciation must be shown and due credit should be given to those who deserved).

What I knew what would happen next would be something I been expecting all along – the further diversion that caused the split in the local football fraternity that would take a lengthy period to patch it up.

Someone familiar?

Ever since the decision was made to send Lions XII to take part in the Malaysian League back in 2012, the reactions have been mixed.

One side claimed the move was essential to revitalize the local game out of the doldrums with another criticized the plan a step backward and do no favour to help the struggling S.League to be back on its feet.

Years down the road, we seen the Lions XII did decently well since making their foray into the competition across the Causeway with a MSL title win in 2013 and the Malaysia FA Cup last weekend.

But has the “spill over effect” which they hoping for all these years shown up in the S.League?

Only when I have those around me casually chat over the topics like why Warriors fared so badly in the AFC Cup, if Sundram can work his magic to bring Tampines Rovers back to the top or whether Geylang International are able recapture their glory days like they did in the semi-pro Premier League days then I can be assured the “spill over” has taken place, but it is never the case at all.

MP Zainudin is serving out his term as FAS president

Rather it has been a butt of joke with many ridiculous occurrences that took place in recent months that were well documented.

With the outgoing FAS (Football Association of Singapore) president Zainudin Nordin pushing his Asean Super League (ASL) aggressively in the name to uplift the game’s standard in this region, many skeptics fear that could spell doomsday of Singapore’s only professional sporting league.

Furthermore, the elected Member of Parliament’s antics at Bukit Jalil after the Lions XII’s 3-1 win over Kelantan to claim the trophy, that is third in the pecking order in Malaysian football, may not be gone down too well with those who still pin a fast fading hope to see the league that once drawn 30,000 to Kallang for a showdown between Fandi Ahmad and V Sundramoorthy in 1996.




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