Miak Siew: Calvin Cheng Is Just Pretending To Be Clever

This is privilege. Majority groups are often blind to the oppression and discrimination minority groups face. And when they speak up, they are labelled militants, disturbing the peace, stirring trouble.

I am deeply offended that Calvin Cheng accused Alfian Sa’at. Did Alfian not articulate the real experiences of a Malay person living in hyper-Sinicized Singapore? As a Chinese person I was blind to it until someone like Alfian pointed it out to me.

Saying that they don’t experience discrimination is to deny their experience and is also our denial of our participation in their discrimination.

We are all a little racist. Admission is the first step of acknowledging that reality and the long journey of building a society based on equality. I wonder how much of it is an attempt to absolve himself and the government of racism, and how much of it is – and I use this word seriously – stupidity masquerading as intelligence.


Source: Miak Siew

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