Alfian Sa’at: Ignore Calvin Cheng, Let Reason Prevail

Actually, in all honesty, I don’t really care anymore what this strange, confused and ignorant person by the name of Calvin Cheng said. I mean, where do I even begin? Basically what this guy is alleging is that pointing out discriminatory policies is directly responsible for radicalisation–as if those policies are not the very cause of radicalisation to begin with!

If this person wanted attention, I’m sure he’s got it, but it makes me feel dirty to want to have anything more to do with him.

Let’s all move on lah, though I won’t blame people for lingering around to watch him self-destruct on his backpedaling and squirming and stammering and equivocations. The thing is that if you try to smear someone and you’re not very good at it, then you just end up getting shit on your own face.

(OK, I admit–I did try to find out who Calvin Cheng is, and tried reading some of his Facebook posts. And I concluded that the only argument that this ex-NMP person has produced worthy of any consideration is a walking, breathing argument against the NMP scheme.)

I do get a warm and fuzzy feeling though from knowing that I have friends who are on the side of reason and truth and sanity. Yay friends!

In other more important news, my short story collection ‘Corridor’ has been republished by Ethos Books. And contrary to what Calvin Cheng would like to insinuate, it’s not on ISIS’ reading list.


Source: Alfian Sa’at

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