Yaacob Ibrahim’s Lack Of Action Against Pink Dot Sg Will Cost Him Politically

Assalamualaikum Dr Yaacob,

I am writing to you, as the Muslim community in general feels very distressed that not only is an immoral activity about to take place contrary to the democratic wishes of the silent majority but also an illegal one too. Illegal in the sense that it infringes on Section 377A of the penal code against homosexual practices in our country (and that of neighboring Malaysia, Indonesia & Brunei)!

What is particularly alarming is that Mediacorp Artistes under your watch are being appointed as their licentious ambassadors as well. Is this the best you can perform as the minister in charge of both communications and Muslim affairs? Never mind that you have failed for decades to fight for Malay/Muslim rights in this country but you have now failed to stop plain challenges to Islamic principles and its holy definition of what constitutes normal, healthy functioning families likewise?

In a lot of areas are Muslims already being deprived, from loudspeakers in mosques to readily available Halal food in NTUC Foodfare/government institutions to total segregation of hawker food stalls and wet markets selling Muslim foods to prevent contamination from Haram stuffs and not forgetting, the Hijab issue at workplaces. Instead, we have witnessed more and more gay themed spas being opened across the island along with their fornicated pubs and HIV rates have shot up as a result. Is this not a clear enough indication to halt such abomination?

Therefore, I cannot understand how you and your PAP leaders can allow this kind of lewd event to take place at Hong Lim Park when the law clearly stipulate prohibitions of matters on “Race, Language, Religious and illegality”? Since this present government is afraid to uphold the wishes of the conservative majority and maintain the status quo of a decent, virtuous “Asian society” like Mr Muhamad Faisal of the Worker’s Party did by participating in the “wear white event” then I think its for the long term good that we the people including your good self, prepare for shake ups starting from Moulmein Kallang where Mr Faisal’s party previously contested and obtained quite a good result.

Muhd Irfan Abdul Halim
A.S.S. Contributor

Source: www.allsingaporestuff.com

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