Kids Lose Parents In PIE Motorbike Crash

A day before her death, she shared on Facebook how proud she was that her children could go to the market on their own.

Tragically, the siblings, aged nine and 10, will now have to face the future without their parents.

Private tutor Maslin Ahmad Basri, 32, and her taxi driver husband, Mr Jumarie Jumahat, 38, died in a motorcycle accident on Saturday (June 13).

They were travelling on the Pan Island Expressway at about 11pm when their bike was believed to have skidded near the Upper Jurong Exit.

Mr Jumarie, a motorcycle enthusiast, had been riding his Suzuki Hayabusa, a 1,300cc sports bike, and Madam Maslin was riding pillion.

They were pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

The New Paper understands that no other vehicles were involved in the accident.



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