Poignant Post From Proud Mother Before PIE Accident

Yesterday was the first time my kids went to both the wet market and supermarket WITHOUT their Ibu…

Though a little apprehensive about them being able to go around on their own, I still put my faith unto them, knowing that they’d figure out somehow, with God’s Guidance.

Having a phone on their own makes things easier as we went paperless – as the list was put into a collage and sent via WA.

At age 9 (girl) & 10 (boy), they do need to be given responsibilities bit by bit so that when they grow up later, they become better in handling life issues.

So many I see who are so smart in their education but is totally ZERO and clueless in handling personal and especially HOME Matters.

We should assign them roles in the house such as who opens and closes the windows, fold their own clothes (Ibu’s style) and many more.

After such great help, do remember to offer treats (once in a while) to affirm our appreciation towards their effort and help.

You need to teach them at a young age, bit by bit.

If you give the wait a great one, I only have one thing to tell you:

“WAIT LONG LONG …” – for it will never come once they have become accustomed to having YOU doing EVERYTHING for them.


Source: Maslin AB

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