Alfian Sa’at Reminds Critics Of Protection From Harassment Act

So I went to the ‘We Are Against Pink Dot’ page just to see what those folks are up to–especially after Pink Dot, when they’ll be going into overdrive. WAAPD has always clarified to me what the ‘white’ in ‘wear white’ stands for–the colour of rabid foam.

And I found that they’d been taking screenshots of my previous few status updates and my photos to upload. And here are some of the responses:

1) Nixam Loki: If we die we are shrouded in white…this softie is going to be shrouded in pink? LGBT ARE THE CAUSE OF NATURAL DISASTERS

2) Hanz Hann : These people are no different from mental patients or walking corpses.

3) Abdul Rahman: ‪#‎GayCancer‬ ‪#‎boycottAlfianSaat‬

(Can’t tag the above but his profile:

4) Nora Sa’at : Just the same as annabelle chong from rgs. Became a porn star in the USA.

5) Zeta Seshagiri : Ramadan is around the corner and he respects the Syaaban month like this…give him a punch he’ll never forget.

6) Mohd Shahrudin : Feel like beating him up when I look at this guy’s face

7) Nuraihan Mohamed : Just bring him to WWE. Unleash everything there. Haha remember. Stone cold stunner 1, choke slam 3 times. Then he’ll see the light.

8) Datok Serunding : Just douse him with acid.

9) Solihin Bin Manap : Isn’t it easier to use kerosene. Just burn him.

10) Dato Serunding: Or we just douse him in sugar water, and then we set fire ants on him.

And there was also a comment that I was ‘pro-Burma’ (I was in Yangon a few weeks ago), which I took a while to figure out. And then I realised if I was supposed to be pro-Burma then it meant I was anti-Rohingya and anti-Muslim. (This person must hang out with Calvin Cheng because the logic quite similar.) And yes, there are people who believe that Muslims are always persecuted and victimised–Palestinians, Uyghurs, Rohingyas–but groups like ISIS, Boko Haram and the Taliban exist only in a fictional alternate universe called CNN.

I could throw a snarky comment at each remark that I’ve listed above, but I thought it’d be easier to copy and paste this from Singapore Statutes Online:

“Protection from Harassment Act (CHAPTER 256A)

Intentionally causing harassment, alarm or distress

3.—(1) No person shall, with intent to cause harassment, alarm or distress to another person, by any means —

(a) use any threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour; or

(b) make any threatening, abusive or insulting communication,
thereby causing that other person or any other person (each referred to for the purposes of this section as the victim) harassment, alarm or distress.

(2) Any person who contravenes subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence and, subject to section 8, shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both.”

It is not in my temperament to take legal action or make police reports, simply because I’d rather spend the time reading and writing. But this goes out to the admins and members of WAAPD (in case they don’t understand whatever I pasted above): you want to circulate unscientific garbage from conspiracy sites, fine. But keep your discussions to issues. I know it’s much easier to dangle some individual figure on your page and set off a spitting frenzy, but you’ll just have to rise above such base levels of ‘discussion’.

When you start making ‘threatening, abusive or insulting’ statements–not just directed at me but also at people like Olivia and Irene Chiong, or Munah and Hirzi–what you are doing is HARASSMENT. You can go to JAIL for such an OFFENCE. See what you made me do? Type in caps, just like you. Anyway, here’s telling you that your little corner where you’re frottaging each other to orgasmic spirals of hate is being monitored and screenshot. Don’t say that you weren’t given notice.

PS: I’m tagging those concerned so they know the consequences of their speech. Please do not kacau them, dear readers–you know you’re better than that.


Source: Alfian Sa’at

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