Rich Singaporean Wives Hiring Women To Lure Their Husbands

Singaporeans have been hiring agencies in China to get their husbands’ mistresses to back off, according to a foreign report on these “mistress-ditching” firms.

But what if the spouse’s lover is in Singapore?

To save their marriages from falling apart, Singaporeans have been paying five-figure sums to hire honey trappers to seduce their own misbehaving husbands or wives, reveal private investigators here.

The honey trapper will attempt to seduce the third party or the cheating spouse to destroy the extramarital relationship, they say.

Yes, agents have been engaged by distraught husbands, too.

“It is not an advertised service. The request must come from the client,” says Mr David Ng from DP Quest Private Investigation Consultancy.

“They usually know what they want. They would request a particular profile of a honey trapper that they want, specific to the preference of their cheating spouses.”



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