Watch Out! Someone Hacked My DBS Debit Card And Used It Overseas

Dear ASS Editors,

These few days someone else unknown kept using my debit card to purchase online games. I suspected someone had hacked into my Debit card account.

So now it seems that this case was really serious to get reported on newspaper. As the amount being embezzled illegally from my debit card kept on balling and now already balled to sum of SGD 400plus dollars. And all transactions are in Euro and USD.

And I am not guaranteed that this transaction will be stopped yet as the DBS bank just blocked my card on 14 Oct. The current transaction were dated on 11 Oct as some only to passed thru on these few days. So I really worried that there are still transactions will be balled again btw 12 to 13 Oct.

I also reported to police. I also spent these few days kept checking my bank account thru ibanking worrying that there are somemore new transactions coming in. Kept calling the bank too. As this dispute had much amount to investigate according to bank, they need 14 to 21 days in order to get back my returns.

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