Would Myanmar Nationals Want A Government Like Singapore’s?

I read with amusement how Myanmar nationals are hoping for change and that the Myanmar junta would be replaced by a government like Singapore’s PAP.

People from third world countries like Myanmar, Philippines and Malaysia admire the Singapore government for the outer facade it presents: strong Sing dollar currency, non-corruption (we Singaporeans know better how truly corrupted the Singapore government is the legal way), safe (unless you offend the wrong group), ample employment opportunities, number of shopping centers (oh you be surprised they gauge how wealthy a country is by the number of shopping malls it has) and etc. These foreign nationals mistakenly believe that Singapore is a pride of Asia and that an “Asian” country can be as good as any first world countries.

Unfortunately, due to the vast gap in understanding democracy and the real definition of a first world country, they fell under the false impression Singapore is an ideal country which they wish their government would be like so. Perhaps in their eagerness against the very evils of their own governments, they sought relief from a new country where its government constantly lie about non-corruption, citizens-first and with-you-for-you war cries. They teared along when they heard Lee Kuan Yew died; knowing nothing of the evils the dictator did. Singapore is their utopia and Singaporeans who complain were told they are more than happy to trade their Prime Ministers for Lee Hsien Loong.

Blinded and frustrated by the sorry state of affairs in their homeland, foreigners who praise the Singapore government are honestly those with very shallow and backward mindsets, with their understanding of governance and societies at superficial levels and knowing nothing about macro-economics, political dynamics, sustainability, positioning and the very dangerous consequences of having the kind of leadership Singapore has. In their point of view, Singapore is on the right track and there is nothing to worry about Singapore and even so for the next 50 years. Including new citizens and PRs, they were not brought up through the Singapore system and were largely ignorant of the sacrifices and trade-offs of being a Singaporean.

After all, people who reached maturity do not make flippant suppositions like trading their Prime Ministers for Lee Hsien Loong. Take up the Singapore citizenship, Lee Hsien Loong will make sure you take back your words. Till then, good luck hoping for change in Myanmar.



Source: www.tremeritus.com

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