Syed Danial: Learn From City Harvest Church Episode – Be Wary Of Conmen Cloaked In Religiosity, Be Aware Of Religious Sensitivities Of Christians When Commenting On The Issue


Yesterday had tea with an old dear friend. He Juz returned Fr a trip to Cambodia where he was attempting to help the Cham Muslims there.

Long story short. Some of the things he told me was shocking. How a person who encloaks himself with religiosity handles funds meant for orphans and madrasah.

Essentially a con artiste. Inter Alia he attempts to get unsuspected SG donors to buy land ostensibly to build madrasahs orphanages etc. Upon further investigation the exact land plot has already been donated as waqf. Money given to sponsor a slaughter goat as meal for the orphans, when checked, the orphans were eating nothing more than rice n curry with hardly any meat. The plan was to engage an English teacher to teach these orphans some English n other skills that would equip them with at least basic skills. When asked to interview the candidate (his sister) it was discovered she could hardly speak English at all.

There were many other instances.

I share this article coz it serves as a cautionary tale. There are those who Encloak themselves in religious clothes. But have hearts of wolves.

Once Amirul Mumineen Umar was meeting a sahabah. He asked whether there was some state affairs to discuss. When told it was a social visit he actually put out the light from a lantern. Because it was lit using resources from state funds.

Subhanallah. Such outstanding egs of waraa’ – scrupulousness.

Bros n sis we need to be careful in this age of so much fitaan. We really do not want to be bamboozled when we hand over our money. We must take reasonable care it goes to parties we can trust.

I know this brother personally. His character is beyond reproach. He’s planning to go again inshaAllah early next year. So InshaAllah I will be handing over my money to him. At least I can be assured inshaAllah it would reach the beneficiaries. If u want to, pl PM me. InshaAllah I will hand over 100% of what I receive to him. There will be no ‘admin charges’.

Final word. When commenting on the City Hrvest thing, a reminder we should bear in mind the religious sensitivities of our Christian friends.



Source: Syed Danial

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