Teens Mock Death Of Shina Hendricks, Claimed She Died Because Of A Dare

Recently the media reported on the death of a 14 year old girl, Shina Hendricks, a student with Spectra Secondary School.  Speculation is rife that Shina fell from the fourth storey, while trying to do parkour. Police are investigating this as a case of misadventure.


There have also been murmurs that Shina was doing parkour on a dare when she fell. Facebook exchanges between several individuals acquainted with Shina suggest that they had been part of a group that had dared Shina to carry out a stunt as a dare. One girl even had posted that she “[has her] popcorn ready and waiting for the news to say that someone just committed suicide”.

Shariah Jenna 1a

They seem to be unhappy with a photo allegedly taken by Shina on the block with a caption that read “this is my last day”.

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They even posted messages which disrespected the deceased and did not show any remorse at all.

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Shina’s sister, Rina Hendricks, was distraught by her death and lay the blame on those who were “trending” Shina. According to Rina, Shina does not have any interest in parkour.

Rina Hendricks

Rina Hendricks Comments


What really happened to Shina Hendricks? Who are responsible for her death?



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