Malay Man Told To Learn Mandarin When Involved In Misunderstanding With PRC Waitress WHo Doesn’t Speak English

Went to a coffeeshop in Tuas, bought a can of coke zero an a bread ask the lady at the counter how much? And she replied in Chinese, so i told her in English pleased, but she keep repeating in Chinese… in a helpless situation i give her a $2 note and she look at me with such big eyes of hers and say out loud in Chinese which i still don’t understand and ask her how much?

At that point a customer come forward and say it is $2.20 so i give her another $2 note. The Chinese lady accepted it but she still scolded me in Chinese so i told her in English, i don’t understand a single word you say and you don’t understand a single word i say why don’t you learn English so that you can easily communicate with your customers, and a man came forward and say why don’t you learn chinese too?

And i ask him why should i? He goes on to say that Singapore is 80% Chinese and the goverment should made the chinese language as the national language not English.

With that i told him that the national language of Singapore is MALAY and that he and that lady should learn MALAY since it is the national language of Singapore.

He was looking rather angry at that point and i was readying myself for a fight when the owner of the coffeeshop came over and say sorry for the trouble that his staff has cause. I just walk away but what worrying me is what the man had said…….


Source: Pak Dolmat

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