PRC Migrant Faults Property Agent For Losses Because She Doesn’t Understand English

A PRC migrant took to the Chinese newspaper Lian He Wan Bao blaming her property agent when she was disallowed to sublet a HDB unit she rented. Zhang Gui Yun, 58, told media reporters that she doesn’t understand English but she signed the rental contract to rent a HDB unit in Bukit Panjang.

When Zhang Gui Yun tried to sublet the entire unit to another tenant, the new tenant pointed out that her rental contract doesn’t allow her to sublet the unit out. The PRC migrant who is a dependent of her children on student visa in Singapore, is now staying in a rented condominium in Bukit Panjang and that she stated that she has never lived in the HDB unit she rented.

Zhang Gui Yun complained that the landlord refused to refund her S$2,800 deposit and that the property agent only refunded her S$400 out of the S$1,400 agent’s commissions.

“(Translated from Chinese report) I do not know I am not allowed to sublet the unit to a third party. I don’t understand English and I trusted the property agent. …The property agent made me lost a lot of money and refunded me only S$1,000 out of the S$1,400 commission made.

I came to Singapore alone with my child and my life is very hard, so I hope the media will publicize my story and give my justice.”

The PRC woman also added that she tried to sue the property agent and the landlord from the Small Claims Tribunal twice, but failed in both attempts.



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