Don’t Let ISIS Divide Us

As i entered the lift two middle aged women seems shocked, i was in my normal islamic garb as i was heading to my lecture. I gave them a smile press close and face the door. From my back i heard a conversation in a language i didn’t understand but i could only recognized the word ‘PARIS…PARIS…PARIS’. Little they knew that i could see their reflection from the lift’s window, they where pointing to me a few times between the conversation. Trying to be hopeful that it is not what i think they might be talking about, as the lift opened i hold the door and gave them the biggest smile of the day. i walked away and my heart sank.

| 17 NOV 2015 | 1030AM |

After paying for my petrol i headed out to a heated shouting from two men, one of them was wearing a songkok (muslim headgear). Not knowing why they are fighting i could only hear cursing been thrown around. The muslim guy then drove away. As i was walking pass the other shouted the four letter word and said this “lian**** you isis! go and bomb yourself!”. I just kept silent and went away, my heart sank again.

To my brothers and sisters,
If you keep your conspiracy theories stories to your walls, you will just build walls not bridges. I sincerely hope that these two encounters of mine are isolated cases. I have beautiful friends from other faiths and cultures and i believe that to defend our homeland is a collective effort.

It is our responsibility to not let hatred hit our shores.

Your Singaporean brother from another mother
Muhammad Zahid
Humanitarian Worker


Source: Muhammad Zahid Mohd Zin

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