A Step By Step Guide On How To “Own” The ISIS Problem

Dear Alfian (can I call you Alfian?),

Here’s a step by step guide on how to ‘own’ this problem:

1) Acknowledge the fact that these barbarians subscribe to the same faith as you and I do – even if they’re the smallest, most radical, most extreme, faction of that faith.

2) Acknowledge the fact that these barbarians quote verses from the same holy book you and I hold high, when they choose to commit horrendous, unimaginable, inhumane acts.

3) Acknowledge the fact that the these verses can be, and have been, misinterpreted, distorted, abused, and weaponised far more than any other text.


4) Get involved in the the fight against the weaponisation of Islam.

I have no doubts that these barbarians are not ‘real’ Muslims; but they’re a real problem — and you and I, and the billion others who share the same faith, need to look inwards to find a solution.


Source: Nabil Mustafiz

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