Muslim-Singaporeans Leaders Must Be Proactive In Reaching Out To Youths

I refer to the report “Nations cannot keep silent on threat of terrorism: PM Lee” (Nov 17). Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was quoted as saying: “We cannot avoid this problem (terrorism), much less solve it by hiding or by keeping silent, hoping that the scourge will pass us by, on the other side.” I cannot agree more.

Post-9/11, there was a self-imposed gag among Muslim Singaporeans on talking about jihad in Islam. Now, Daesh has taken over its place. Muslim Singaporeans must discuss Daesh ideology openly such that they are able to counter its wayward ideologies confidently.

In this regard, I hope Muslim-Singaporean leaders play a proactive role in reaching out to Muslim youth in schools and madrasahs.

The Religious Rehabilitation Group has come up with an educational leaflet that quotes a few Muslim scholars regarding the conflict in Syria. It is important, however, to quote scholars trusted by Muslims.

Quoting one from Saudi Arabia, the cradle of Islam, would give much credence in the struggle against Daesh ideology. Regrettably, the condemnation of Daesh by Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti has been neglected by local Muslim scholars.

Haj Mohamed



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