Clarification – Out Of The Box Kids’ Club: We Employ Muslim Staff Who Wear The Hijab

Hi Jefri, thank you for your email.

To clarify, 6 employees out of 9 are Muslim and 3 wearing the hijab. Our food is cooked by a Muslim wearing a hijab, our food is halal.

So I believe that explains everything.

The person who came for the interview and complained on this matter left a job after 1 month and another with a child care centre after 3 months and reason being ,she cant take the children’s noise.

During the interview, she was told then, that this may not be the right environment or suitable job as we are dealing with kids from P1 to P6 so obviously it would be noisy.

We have Muslims, Indians and Chinese working here with different religions as well.

I hope this will clarify the matter.

Thank you
Angela Diaz
Centre Manager

Out of the Box Kids’ Club
613A Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269714
+65 6469 5152


Editor’s Note: This response was sent in by our reader, Jefri Mohammad Noor, who had sought clarification from Out Of The Box Kids’ Club.

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