Osman Sulaiman: Open-Minded Approach To Sensitive Issues Required To Build Social Trust And Resilience Between Different Communities In Singapore

The recent terror attack in Paris unfolded a few incidents around the world victimizing innocent Muslims.

– A girl being harassed by a bunch on men. They pulled her headscarf trying to dislodge it from her head. They continue to bully her.

– A man shoved a Muslim woman into oncoming train at London underground.

– Closer to home, a Singaporean woman has alleged that she was shouted at with anti-Islam comments at Tanah Merah MRT station.

This beg a few questions. IF terror attacks were to happen in Singapore, how would the non-Muslim community react towards the Muslims in Singapore?

1. Are we as cohesive as we would like to think as a community?

2. Would the terror attack instil fear amongst Singaporeans to view the Muslims in Singapore with a stroke of the pen?

3. Will we see more frequent hate speech against Islam here in Singapore? The hate speeches are already happening even now among my Fb friends.

4. Will the gov indiscriminately target the Muslim population here for ‘extra’ vigilance?

5. There are among Muslims, women who wear the Burqa. The one that covers their entire face except their eyes. How will the terror attack affect them?

Our racial integration is somewhat successful although there are still deep fault lines not addressed and discussed openly.

A terror attack in Singapore can either open a can of worms or it may just unite Singaporeans together in Solidarity.

Of cause the latter will be the most ideal. But for that to happen, Singaporeans need to be prepared and take an open minded approach to sensitive issues


Source: Osman Sulaiman

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