Certis Cisco Warden Didn’t Want To Do His Job, Refused To Issue Summons To Illegally Parked Vehicles At My Flat

I was on my way to work this morning and i caught a few vehicles parking illegally in No Parking Area, Double yellow lines and Season Parking Lots underneath my flat located in 668 Chander Road.

I managed to get hold of one of Certis Cisco Wardens that were deployed there but he refused to summon those vehicles claiming those lots are under the charge of his colleague.

He then tried to leave the scene with his motorbike without issuing any summon.

Attached are the photos of those vehicles illegally parked in bke 1 and the warden involved and the licence plate of his motorbike.

Illegally Parked Car 1 Illegally Parked Car 2 Illegally Parked Car 3 Illegally Parked Car 4


All friends kindly help me and share because i want Certis Cisco to be accountable for having wardens like him.


Source: Kelvin Meng Hwee Lim

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